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a better world?

Friday, November 16, 2012

if ya clutching vulture capital to buy votes, the MittsFits

Anyway, at first i thought "now that Romney has been hung out to dry on the crooked cross
 of properly tithed vulture capital, that's that". Then i started thinking how Romney's
 family and Bain business associates have been investing in etch-a-sketch
voting machine companies, and how 50 million is WAY more than i thought could
ever stomach voting for the mittsfits! Someone should tally and compare numbers
of actual registered voters vs total votes in each of those red & getting redder counties,
to see if anyone reprogrammed a little too ... well, enthusiastically, ('liberally'
 not quite the right word here), as these red areas
ALL seem to begin to get redder since... etch-a-skech voting machines appeared!
Like so 21st century, man