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a better world?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Obama needs to downsize drones

Every Drone strike creates more fanatical enemies to the US than are killed. 
A no brainer as concerns blowback.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

about Romney's latest interview

from a post by "this is a test" on the Seattle Times article,


 "pugnus populi said about Romney's latest interview:

7. He picked Ryan
Yup, that was a spectacularly bad choice.

6. He was hawkish on Iran

5. He totally blew debates 2 & 3 & sitting there with a sick look while being shredded by Obama
And debate #1.

4. He gave Obama a pass on Benghazi
Pure BS. An absolute non issue that the amerika people thought far less of the rethuglicans than obummer. Kinda like the clinton impeachment thang.

3. His idiotic 47 percent remark
Yeah, that was classic, job well done. Way to go mittens.

2. He couldn't explain Mormonism to the American people
No one can. It's an insane delusional cult. Same as every other religion.

1. Hurricane Sandy
Nope. Any sitting prez gets pub for dealing with disasters as they arise, unless they obviously caused them, like say iraq & shrub.   

The truth is:
There is no functional difference between mittens & obummer. All you disappointed rethuglican voters should be heartened that the winner is virtually identical to your candidate. If you exercise your senses and evaluate the evidence, you will see for all practical purposes, your candidate won.

The right wingnuts couldn't tell a right wing from a leftist if they fell down a flight of stairs.

We live in a fascist corporate controlled state, where the public is deluded and indoctrinated by the state/corporate propaganda, and all the rubes cheer USA! USA! on command.

There is no difference between the rethuglicans and the democorps. They are 2 sides of the same bitcoin. Both wholly owned by the ruling oligarchy. Both only representing the interests of the top one tenth of one percent that eff over this benighted land. Anyone who can not see this is fully propagandized. The 2 parties only pretend to differ at the margins to keep 'their bases' occupied. On any question that really matters to the public, or the world, they are identical. Anyone who calls obummer a socialist is a laughingly stupid drooling idiot. obummer is a right wing tool of wall street, the military-security complex, big pharma, fossil fuels, etc etc ad naseum.

The policies of the government are designed to transfer the public's wealth to the ruling one tenth of one percent. The endless "war on terror". The endless "war on drugs". The endless "war on civil liberties". The surveillance state. The private-for-profit prisons industry. We live in a land where justice is a game. Watch out or get hauled before a grand jury, maybe sit in solitary with no books nor writing materials for 24 hours a day for 18 months for "contempt". You might have given "material aid" to a "terrorist organization". Ha! LOL. What a pathetic joke. "Greatest country on earth(tm)" LOL. We so desperately need a revolution in this country.

Fight The Power. We Must All Sacrifice Ourselves, or it'll be too late. If it isn't already."

Sunday, November 18, 2012



Rovian etch-a-sketch vote machine network thwarted by Anon

@StephenAtHome Rovian etch-a-sketch vote machine network
 thwarted by Anon hackers using OZ to counter ORCA,
[tweet https://twitter.com/Neocxn/status/270035016258576384]

Friday, November 16, 2012

if ya clutching vulture capital to buy votes, the MittsFits

Anyway, at first i thought "now that Romney has been hung out to dry on the crooked cross
 of properly tithed vulture capital, that's that". Then i started thinking how Romney's
 family and Bain business associates have been investing in etch-a-sketch
voting machine companies, and how 50 million is WAY more than i thought could
ever stomach voting for the mittsfits! Someone should tally and compare numbers
of actual registered voters vs total votes in each of those red & getting redder counties,
to see if anyone reprogrammed a little too ... well, enthusiastically, ('liberally'
 not quite the right word here), as these red areas
ALL seem to begin to get redder since... etch-a-skech voting machines appeared!
Like so 21st century, man

Monday, October 22, 2012

"Close" vote Enables electronic voting machine fraud

Willlard:  Hung out to dry as a washed up neocon on the crooked cross of vulture capitalism?
Cllear Chanel owned by Bain is 1400  stations, thousands of billboards!
Corporate polling may mask vote machine fraud as media misinformation is the key. 
Fraud is easier to perpetrate in a so called "close" race, just need the appearances, so 
Mitt has well named it, BLINDERS FOR THE WOMEN and everyone else too.

BLINDERS for the Women

A big issue this election season as always is media mis- Information.
Clear Chanel 1400 stations owned by Bain and thousands of billboards, too. ...
Might as well name it, BLINDERS FOR THE WOMEN and everyone else too.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eagle-eye rates high, yet no exposure

I just watched an amazing action movie, almost sci-fi, called Eagle-eye, but noticed my local weaklies did not mention a word of the movie, very downplayed, had to search to find it. Maybe it is just too hysteria inducing, so possibly just as well.
GREAT Movie, though, and I will see it again soon, too. It had an appropriate setting for the climax, especially due to the crucial nature of the negotiations at the Capitals this weekend.
Keep another eye out for the sequel, ATM hal.9-9000 OR banks with extra.0's?


Thursday, January 18, 2007

will dems have what it takes to stop the war?

De-funding this war is the most important thing they can do.
Please urge your politicians to support the initiative to de-fund the war,
and rescind congressional authorization for Bushwar.

Monday, December 04, 2006

will democratic leaders have enough courage

The war in Iraq is only over if the US stops funding it, so the
congressional leadership needs to reach out to their receptive
counterparts on the minority side to achieve a vetoproof supermajority
and defund the war profiteers.

The Soviet Union folded due to bancruptcy from their war costs in that
region. the US is on the verge of following the same path.


Friday, December 01, 2006

Read a great speech by Billl Moyers

READ an excerpt of the Sol Feinstone Lecture on The Meaning of Freedom
delivered by Bill Moyers at the United States Military Academy
(November 15, 2006) at West Point on "The Meaning of Freedom."

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

dems finally do right, but swiftboaters still have impact

I worked on a hardfought campaign for a local dem. candidate for congress, and this race is still being counted, but the robocalls (funded by rich swiftboaters) had a big impact, as many callers said thay were enraged at calls all night from automatic call banks that they erroneously thought came from democrats. For the close races, this republican dirty trick had a big impact.