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a better world?

Saturday, March 09, 2013

I wrote this before the o4 election

I wrote this before the o4 election, and now i guess we know who the grounded shrub is

(Obama added 11-4-08, in place of last top Dem.)

I have a dream. I have a dream of a new symbolism for American leadership. I have a dream for a new David Horsey cartoon, or one by any good political cartoonist as worthy as he (Trudeau, Magruder or Oliphant?).

Now that Bush 43 is 0 for 3 debate wise, and seeing as how both he and Kerry quoted the Bible in the recent debates, I think it is time to unveil a series of consistent symbols for the recent presidents (and future too?) that might just reveal a possible new way of looking at things (asterisk notwithstanding).

Imagine, if you will the question of mideast peace. What mideast peace you may well ask? Well, it IS a big question mark.

In my mind, Clinton's tenure over mideast issues of war and peace could easily be reduced to this big question mark looking for answers. Even Carter strove for a peace plan with the Camp David accords, but then sent troops to die trying to rescue U.S. embassy hostages held in Iran. The big Question no one talked about then?--Why were the U.S. hostages in Iran released only just after Carter left office? The October surprise of arms for hostages Iran-contra deal did the trick. this was cooked up by pres. Ford's ex CIA chief—none other than George H. w. Bush 41, who was also the then vice presidential candidate of the GOP (this would have made a good cartoon in and of itself). Carter might have incurred his own demise and furthered a GOP dynasty, all just by refusing to appoint Bush 41 the DCI like Bush had wanted. Carter then lost to Reagan/Bush because he looked like a wimp in the mideast, but Reagan just sent in troops to die at a bunker in Beirut before his retreat.

Kerry also was big on questioning the wars of empire that the U.S. persists in. Hence tossing his ribbons and those medals over the Nixon white house fence, or voting against the gulf war of the first president Bush 041. So this important. Mark this question--did we really win that Desert Storm war with so many dead there (close to a million--including half a million children because of bombing, sanctions, and depleted uranium dust from exploded shells)? If we did win that first Gulf War, then why attack again, and just what would losing have looked like? Might not that first Iraq war have just caused future fanatic blowback against the US? Were we really ready for another generation of amputees, casualties and their dead brethren and all their potential terrorist friends and relatives (Bin Laden et al)? Can this latest Iraq war be won? Will this war be won any gooder as (bush43 might say)?

Peace in the mideast, you say? Which holy war is this, by the way? Depends on who you talk to. Jim Woolsey says we are now fighting World War 4. They like to say Reagan won the cold war--WW3(for Woolsey War 3, it beats any old oil war), and the Soviet Union was overextended in Afganistan too, but what really happened was the USSR simply folded under its national debt. I thought Democrats won the debt race, what with the 5 trillion Clinton surplus. But with our Debt Now Over 10 Trillion under Republican leadership, can we last much longer than the USSR did? Did we really win, or maybe it was a no-win situation what with all the dirty nuke material, and weapons of mass destruction all over the place—and now less secure than ever?

Now whatsis about symbolism, and what mideast peace are we talkin about? That's the big question. Imagine, if you will the question mark itself and not only the mark, but the symbolism of it. The visuals could be impressive here, in the hands of a good political cartoonist. Combine the symbols for the two major religious factions at odds in the middle east, into a Question Mark. The arc of the question mark symbol could very easily be the crescent of Islam, by adding the 5-pointed star of Islam in the middle, and the period at the bottom could contain (or be instead) the 6-pointed Star of David, and the vertical (nearly exclamation mark shaped) stretch between might just as well symbolize the bandaid of American Diplomacy, trying to patch the two elements together, but not quite making it -- succeeding not, creating no real answers, just more questions!

Molly Ivins had a favorite and endearing handle for W(43), that actually has a symbol in botany to depict it! It's true, look it up for yourself! She persists in calling him "shrub". I am not making any of this up! The botanical symbol for "shrub" looks sort of like a question mark, but instead of a period at the bottom (so, no star of david?), it has a horizontal counterpart (just cross the "t" :+) across the center of the vertical bandaid part (the Neo-con addition to American diplomacy?+). All well and good, so to speak, but I have something more to add.

I now believe (though it might be the converse) this symbol should depict his father (Bush 041) better than him, as there is another symbol in botany, looks like shrub, but instead of just the cruciate undertow (do I hear crusade, people?+), the crescent has a "grounded cross" underneath -- the plus underlined with a definite minus, the more or less (depending on who you talk to), the surely not equal to -- and this symbol depicts "low shrub" -- I Kid You Not! Look it up for yourself. (My friend Carol found these symbols in an old dictionary one day and we imagined them on a teashirt). But it might all be great if the Muslims and the Anglo-Americans actually make democracy work in Iraq. Imagine, if you will, the Star of Islam (in the center of the crescent on that dynastic shrub symbol), over the cross we all know and Love so much. Two great tribes working together for the good of humankind.

Let's see: 39-bandaid, 40-period, 41-shrub, 42-question mark, 43-low shrub, what next? There are right now Christian missionaries in Iraq, trying to convert the heathens—er, moslums there. Then whose Holy War is this, again? Depends on who they say they talk with, Allah or Jesus. Woolsey says it is world war 4 (WORLD WAR $ with the caps on). As long as it's not Euros.

I Happen to think that Qbama 44 might just be a real star -- a great American symbol of leadership for the whole world -- (easy compared to "low shrub"). If he can just finish what the shrubs started over there.

Now if you try hard to imagine it, you might just see the Star of David in the middle of that Islam crescent of the shrub, over the old beloved cross. This symbol would signify the melting pot of U.S. spiritual values and the Obama leadership that just might mean a just and rightful peace for so many, and peace for the state of Israel amidst the crescent of Islamic peoples, anchored and supported by the Judeo-Christian spiritual values of mainstream America. The shrub symbol finally meaning something Good and Just by adding the Star of David, and all the great Abrahamic religions united in one symbol! The shrub dynasty gives us a new way to look at the world. Just think of it. I'm sure that these three great religions will be happy to add just a little too, with each of their symbols. Simply do their part for world peace. Pay it forward, now.
Think roundup-ready supershrub—but that's another cartoon.


about Romney's latest interview

from a post by "this is a test" on the Seattle Times article,


 "pugnus populi said about Romney's latest interview:

7. He picked Ryan
Yup, that was a spectacularly bad choice.

6. He was hawkish on Iran

5. He totally blew debates 2 & 3 & sitting there with a sick look while being shredded by Obama
And debate #1.

4. He gave Obama a pass on Benghazi
Pure BS. An absolute non issue that the amerika people thought far less of the rethuglicans than obummer. Kinda like the clinton impeachment thang.

3. His idiotic 47 percent remark
Yeah, that was classic, job well done. Way to go mittens.

2. He couldn't explain Mormonism to the American people
No one can. It's an insane delusional cult. Same as every other religion.

1. Hurricane Sandy
Nope. Any sitting prez gets pub for dealing with disasters as they arise, unless they obviously caused them, like say iraq & shrub.   

The truth is:
There is no functional difference between mittens & obummer. All you disappointed rethuglican voters should be heartened that the winner is virtually identical to your candidate. If you exercise your senses and evaluate the evidence, you will see for all practical purposes, your candidate won.

The right wingnuts couldn't tell a right wing from a leftist if they fell down a flight of stairs.

We live in a fascist corporate controlled state, where the public is deluded and indoctrinated by the state/corporate propaganda, and all the rubes cheer USA! USA! on command.

There is no difference between the rethuglicans and the democorps. They are 2 sides of the same bitcoin. Both wholly owned by the ruling oligarchy. Both only representing the interests of the top one tenth of one percent that eff over this benighted land. Anyone who can not see this is fully propagandized. The 2 parties only pretend to differ at the margins to keep 'their bases' occupied. On any question that really matters to the public, or the world, they are identical. Anyone who calls obummer a socialist is a laughingly stupid drooling idiot. obummer is a right wing tool of wall street, the military-security complex, big pharma, fossil fuels, etc etc ad naseum.

The policies of the government are designed to transfer the public's wealth to the ruling one tenth of one percent. The endless "war on terror". The endless "war on drugs". The endless "war on civil liberties". The surveillance state. The private-for-profit prisons industry. We live in a land where justice is a game. Watch out or get hauled before a grand jury, maybe sit in solitary with no books nor writing materials for 24 hours a day for 18 months for "contempt". You might have given "material aid" to a "terrorist organization". Ha! LOL. What a pathetic joke. "Greatest country on earth(tm)" LOL. We so desperately need a revolution in this country.

Fight The Power. We Must All Sacrifice Ourselves, or it'll be too late. If it isn't already."